November 26, 2022

Real Madrid / Manchester City out of the hat first. City lead 2-1 ahead of the Round of 16 second leg. They will play Lyon/Juventus.

Champions League quarter-final draw

Real Madrid / Manchester City vLyon/Juventus
RB Leipzig v Atlético Madrid
Napoli/Barcelona v Chelsea/Bayern Munich
Atalanta v PSG

Bayern beat Chelsea 3-0 in London, so they are all but through. Napoli and Barça drew 1-1, Man City beat Real Madrid 2-1 in Spain and Lyon beat Juve 1-0 in France.

Champions League semi-final draw

Winner QF1 v Winner QF3

Real Madrid/Manchester City vLyon/Juventus v Napoli/Barcelona v Chelsea/Bayern Munich

Winner QF2 v Winner QF4

RB Leipzig / Atlético Madrid v Atalanta v PSG


The ‘home’ team in the final in Lisbon next month will be from Semi-final 2. (RB Leipzig / Atlético Madrid v Atalanta / PSG.)

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