Three persons were feared dead in a bloody clash between the youths of Ijegwu and those of neighbouring Ojantele in Obi and Otukpo Local Government areas of Benue State, respectively. It was gathered that the crisis between the communities erupted on Monday morning over three days of electricity outage by the Jos Electricity Distribution Company, JED.


The youths of Obi were not happy with the blackout, so they allegedly attempted to tamper with the power lines. According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, “the youths of Ijegwu suspected that Otupko youths had sabotaged the high tension line which supplies power to Obi and Oju at a JED Isolation Switch located near Ijegwu Community. “And on getting to the switch to tamper with it, some of the youths were allegedly attacked by persons suspected to be Ojantele youths, which led to the death of one of them, with others injured.


“The Ijegwu youths went back and mobilised for a counter-attack, which led to the death of two more persons and the burning down of several houses in the Otukpo community.


“As we speak the communities have been deserted but there is every indication that the burning of houses and killing might continue in the days ahead.”

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