November 29, 2022

COVID-19 records deaths approaching 600,000 deaths, infections 13,300,000, with around 34,000 recognised cases in Nigeria. Stay safe!!

President Buhari, open schools for WAEC please – A Covid-19 wartime leadership decision! Ministry of Education is to protect children in school. Worldwide class sizes are Covid-19 compliant.

As a doctor I say: Covid-19 is dangerous but cancelling WAEC is disastrous – throwing the baby out with the bathwater leading to childhood depression and suicide. All schools meet Covid-19 Safe Distance now by dividing final year students into empty classrooms.

Only WAEC children are in school. One student/desk, 20-30 per class, with variations of ‘single seat five-six rows of four-six columns’, practical maths.

Provide water. Masks from home. Teachers: Practice less contact. No exchanged homework. No rough games. All teachers to cover extra classrooms opened.

President Buhari, open schools please. PS. Could/should WAEC postpone by one month?

Why does everyone hate Nigerians. Hatred is stealing $48m, pension funds, bridges funds, education budgets for children’s classrooms and libraries, sports budgets for youth sports, training, travel and competitive activities.

Hatred is stealing money from children, women and men needing immunisation, health education, health centres and hospital equipment.

Hatred is stealing money from potholed roads, unbuilt roads and bridges in new directions.

The colonialists ran roughshod over the citizens. We thought they hated us because we are black, but they hated the Irish, Gypsies and Jews and many hated dogs. Selective racialism.

Then the civil servant run roughshod over us. We thought because we are less educated, but they also hated each other.

Then the military ran roughshod over us. We thought because we are ‘bloody’ civilians. But they hated and killed each other in coup after coup.

Most politicians have run roughshod over us. We thought because we are not party members. But they cross from party to party and back again and do they not unleash thugs and steal with pathological consumption and criminal pride?

Certainly, they hinder contractors and contracts and approve for themselves unjustifiably exorbitant Salaries and Perks -SAPping Nigeria dry. Cut by 75% please.

Throughout our history, contractors have run roughshod over us ruining dreams of finished roads, bridges and other contracts and nightmare travel stories on rubbish roads characterised by eternal journeys on roads plagued with a leprous rash of malignant and lethal potholes.

We thought they hated us because they had connections and could ignore us. But roads to their own houses are rubbish too.

We thought the leadership hated us because even in 2020 the president ‘mono-ethnicised’ key positions even ‘permanentizing’ service chiefs as Boko Haram’s death certificates were fake.

The Aso Rock troubles, the ‘Toxic Cabal Effect’ depressing citizens, presidential inaccessibility even before Covid-19 are an APC strategic and PR disaster (e.g. too few photos of president with young citizens) and presidential allocations to Daura development perhaps to spite IBB, Abdusalam and OBJ?

Some say it is to be a future Nigerian capital, post-federalisation, opposite Lagos, to rebalance Nigeria from first Lagos and now Abuja and raise new edifices related to Daura-development with complete dismissal of the national ‘righteous resentment’.

He may not be greedy but a Daura devotee. The other 340 ethnic/tribal groups remind the ruling party APC that it is multi-ethnic and is riding roughshod over its manifesto commitment to the jaded ‘War and Peace’ lament of ‘Where is true federalism and federal character’?

Millions feel discriminated against, barred, ministers are denied direct ‘president/ministerial 20-30 minutes monthly’ meetings with loss of presidential personal-touch moral, personal (NB: in Nigeria, name at the table even nominal name-without power- announces ethnicity), physical, political and representational at the centre.

Then add underuse of a loyal VP¸ pre-governorship election calumny, ignoring APC governor achievements, make us question APC’s leadership morality as it is a laughing stock, or better a ‘crying-stock’.

Is it that the governors spent money on development/ citizens’ welfare instead of on party members welfare packages? Political top-notchers hate not only the people but each other also!!

All these equal a very low Happiness Factor, a UN Index. Why does everyone hate us, the citizens? We are not docile. We work diligently at family, socials and work.

Apart from our heroic armed forces and police members fallen in defence of Nigeria and society, many fellow Nigerians have also struggled and fought and died in coal and poll and justice riots, Abiola and other boycotts, elections and against human rights and labour abuses and on repeated sometimes corruption-driven verification death queues for unpaid parental salary and unpaid pensions.

We protest foul play and corrupt practices. Thousands of Nigerians have been in the trenches, courts and gulags, been tortured and killed illegally-legally even by security. We have many like George Floyd and his killer cop. Are we in slavery to experience such savagery?

Can we mould a nation out of this moral and financial calamity called a country, which does not love itself and which raises alarm if billions are stolen?

Is not this same Honourable Justice Salami they said was too old to run EFCC or ICPC?? Welcome Sir. We hope they don’t use and dump you again. Who accuse Magu of magomago??? The answers will help cleanse the Nigerian Aegean stable.

Why do we haggle to the last naira for a yam tuber with a hungry child hawker from the bullet proof window of air-conditioned Jeep. Shame!!! Give her school fees jo!!!

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