Governor Samuel Ortom has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to quickly review the Naira swamp and cashless policy warning that the country is facing looming anarchy.

The Governor who make the call in Makurdi said the policy was anti-people and should not come from a government that is eager to impact the people positively.

According to the Governor, “it has now gotten to a level where you will struggle and earn money and you cannot spend it. It is very painful.

“What kind of policy is that; are they making these policies for us or for something else?
“It is only in Nigeria that a Supreme Court will issue a ruling and an individual will choose not to obey it.

“Here in Benue state, we respect the rule of law. If an Area Court, Magistrate Court or State and Federal High Courts give an order we respect it. But if we are not satisfied we appeal it. That is what happens when you respect the laws of the land.

“Disobeying the ruling of the Supreme Court is not right. Today we are gradually moving to anarchy. As I speak I don’t understand why the Supreme Court will issue an order it is not respected.

“But we cannot all fold our hands and watch our country drift into anarchy. Democracy is anchored on the rule of law. And when you don’t respect the laws of the land, the land becomes lawless. And when there is lawlessness you are asking for anarchy. And when we have anarchy in our country nobody will be safe.

“Even security men with all their guns and tanks will be helpless because if you move on the streets how many people will you kill.

“Well-meaning Nigerians must rise up. The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, must speak up because gradually we are being led like a country that does not respect laws.

“Anarchy is looming in this country, a time will come when nobody will respect the Government. Nobody will respect the police or soldiers everybody will be on his own and that will be too dangerous and it will be late and there will be monumental losses that will come. This is not correct.

“This Naira redesign policy what is it all about? America some years ago changed their currency but there was transition that went on for years. Britain also did and you are allowed enough time to exchange the money in the bank and nobody will feel any pains doing it.

“So what kind of a thing is this? Where is the National Assembly of this country? Don’t we have them anymore? Look at how people are suffering in Nigeria, this is not right and it must be corrected.

“President Buhari must be told that this is the worst policy that he has brought at a time that he is about to leave.

“Those people advising him do not mean well for him. He will remain a pain in the neck of Nigerians if he does not reverse this policy before the leaves office.

“He should find out what happened in America, Europe and other countries where currencies are changed seamlessly.

“Nigerian people are suffering presently. You have money in the back and you cannot spend it. Go to the banks and see the queues that are mounted there.

“I always say it as it is because I believe in equity, fairness and justice. Those who have access to the President should please tell him that this policy will eliminate his name from being an honourable man of integrity. This policy will ruin him, because the man out there that I represent, the woman, the children are crying, they are feeling the pains.”

“If it is for the purpose of elections, allow the people, they will vote who they want. Whoever wins so be it because it is God that crowns.

“So I appeal to Mr President to review this action. There are too many cries in the land.”

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