November 26, 2022

Schoola, a Kaduna-based educational empowerment programme, a gamified (online technology) alternative learning platform that offers fun and excitement for primary and secondary schools, has emerged as the best education technology in Africa.

Schoola has been gaining attention not only in Nigeria but in Africa after its recent selection as a top educational technology startup by UK Nigeria Tech Hub.
The Founder of education technology, Nasiru Mustapha, said in a statement that ‘learning as we know it is just no longer enough and traditional methods must be complemented with an alternative.

‘Using our technology we are giving schools the best of both worlds, a platform where every school can create customized contents and share with their students who enjoy doing school work (assignments, tests and exams) in a gamified mobile application that uses incentives such as points, ranking, leaderboard and social experience features such as duel or tournaments.

‘We found ourselves at the centre of learning and we thought, let’s build the greatest single solution to solve an important problem- keeping this generation learner interested in education because they have a very short attention span and are easily distracted.’
Mustapha added that ‘the Schoola platform organizes a weekly tournament and rewards top-performing students on the leaderboard.’

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