November 29, 2022

Unknown gunmen have invaded the home of one Babangida Idris in Shimfida, a rustic village in Batsari Local Government Area (LGA), the epicentre of banditry and criminality in Katsina State.

The gunmen, according to eyewitnesses, raped Aisha in her father’s residence before her assailants eventually killed her. The incident occurred on Wednesday when the parents of the victim were not at home.

An eyewitness account claimed that the hoodlums, who apparently were on a mission to rob the household, met the 14-year-old Aisha, who was taking her bath.

According to the eyewitness, when they saw her in the bathroom, the miscreants “raped the young girl. Perhaps in an attempt to hide their crime, the assailants clamped down on her with machete and ended the life of the minor.”

In an emotion-laden telephone conversation with THISDAY, Idris, the father of the victim, confirmed the gory incident, noting that the gunmen stormed his residence about 8:37 p.m. on Wednesday.

He said the incident occurred when all other members of the family were not around, saying the only person at home at the time of the attack was her 9-year-old younger brother.

Idris said: “I went to Jibia with Aisha’s mother when the hoodlums invaded our residence on Wednesday, September 2. It was only Aisha and her younger brother, Adamu that were inside the house during the attack.

“Adamu told me that the attackers, upon entering the house asked after me but he told them that we travelled and as of that time, Aisha was taking her bath. They moved straight to the bathroom and raped her thereafter killed her.”

However, the State Police Command said it would not leave any stone unturned in tackling the prevailing cases of rape and other nefarious activities afflicting the state, promising to bring Aisha’s assailants to book.

At a session with journalists, the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sanusi Buba disclosed that the police command had arrested 140 suspected rapists in 87 reported cases and had charged them to court for prosecution after preliminary investigation.

Buba said: “On the fight against the menace of rape bedeviling the state, a total of 140 suspected rapists were arrested in 87 reported cases and all were charged to court for prosecution”.

He reiterated that the command was collaborating with traditional and religious leaders, parents and other critical stakeholders to end the alarming rate of rape afflicting the state.


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