November 29, 2022

Many keep wondering why Gov Abu Sani Bello is attached to rural communities. What is certainly clear is that rural areas in Niger state, as with most other places in the country, remain the golden belt and critical factor of our economic growth.

Given this awareness, Gov Abu Sani Bello has directed ceaseless attention to growing rural infrastructure. Upon his advent in the governance of the state, the rural areas have benefitted the construction of solid roads and bridges.

Specific to this rural focus is the construction of 89km Kamfani-Bobi-Kasuwan Garba road, one of the rural road the Governor has transformed through RAMP, a road which has remained a clear death-trap long before the coming and intervention of the Governor.

Today, Kamfani-Bobi-Kasuwan Garba,
by the will of Allaah, has been transformed, thanks to dogged focus of Gov Abu Sani Bello. The construction of a brand new road and suitable bridges have eased the lives of the residents, especially regarding conveyances and transportation of their farm produce to locations of sale and profit.



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